Vinyasa Sequences

In these videos I guide you through some Vinyasa sequences that I occasionally teach in class. There is little or no instruction given in these videos, so you may follow along or just watch to get inspiration for your own practice. Note that some are designated as safe for beginners (BEG), intermediate (INT), and advanced (ADV) practitioners. The cost for access to all of the videos is $30 per month. You may email me directly for an invoice that you can pay with a credit card or PayPal account.

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You may also enjoy viewing these Video Tutorials in which I exclusively offer instruction on specific postures. These are free to all users.

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Measuring the Breath

I guide you through an exercise for measuring the breath. This practice can be very relaxing and help to settle the mind. Find a comfortable position for sitting in a quiet space before you begin. Blocks may be helpful if you have trouble sitting on the floor, but you may also try this sitting in a chair or lying down. BEG • INT• ADV (Running time 12:15, Uploaded 26 Mar)

Two Breathing Practices

Pranayama is a breathing practice designed to remove obstacles so that Prana (Life Energy) can flow through the body. With regular and sustained practise of pranayama, it will become easier to control the breath, settle the mind, soothe the nervous system and relax the body. You may need some props, such as blocks and blankets for this practice to make sitting or lying down more comfortable. BEG • INT • ADV (Running time 24 min, Uploaded 11 April)

Seated Warm-Up

In this video, I guide you through a seated practice for the three basic movements of the spine. You might like to sit cross-legged on the floor, cross-legged on blocks or a cushion, or you can even sit in a chair. BEG • INT• ADV (Running Time 18:53, Uploaded 26 Mar)

Supine Warm-Up

This supine warm-up is a real belly burner that will work the legs as well. It is one of my favourite warm-ups however because it can easily be modified for students of varying abilities. Have a block within reach to make the practice more challenging for yourself. BEG • INT • ADV (Running time 27:70, Uploaded 28 Mar)

Sun Salutation Warm-Up

I always tell students that if you only have 5 minutes or so to practise yoga, then you should do sun salutations. This classical sequence is ideal for moving all of the large joints in the body, including the spine. In this video, I start with a very gentle vinyasa warm up to get you ready to try a full sun salutation. Have a yoga mat and perhaps two blocks or a small step stool to assist you. BEG • INT• ADV (Running Time 17:03, Uploaded 26 Mar)

Roll Backs Warm-Up

This is an energetic warm-up that is ideal for heating you up quickly. The sequence starts with easy and accessible variations before it escalates up to more challenging options. Pace yourself and have fun! BEG • INT • ADV (Running time 18:00, Uploaded 5 Apr)

Standing Sequence I

This standing sequence is the foundation for many of the sequences that I create. It combines standing postures and standing balances into a flowing sequence that includes vinyasas in between. Remember you can skip the vinyasas if you’d prefer to have a gentler class. You will need a yoga mat and perhaps two blocks. INT• ADV (Running Time 35:17, Uploaded 28 Mar)

Standing Sequence II

This standing sequence is centred around three postures: Utthita Trikonasana , Utthita Parsvakonasana and Vasisthasana. These three poses come up in each of the five sequences. You should have a yoga mat and perhaps two blocks to assist you. INT• ADV (Running Time 37:29, Uploaded 26 Mar)

Standing Sequence III

This practice includes Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana and Virabhadrasana III into each standing sequence. Have some blocks nearby just in case you need them. INT • ADV (Running time 23:14, Uploaded 6 Apr)

Standing Sequence IV

This sequence incorporates Utkatasana and Parivrtti Utkatasana into every standing sequence as well as standing balances. It will bring a bit of fire to the legs. INT • ADV (Running time 51:24, Uploaded 19 Apr)

Standing Sequence V

This vinyasa practice is composed mostly of traditional sequences with the addition of Bakasana and Vasisthasana. Both of these postures add an additional challenge to the practice, but can be eliminated to make the sequences more accessible. INT • ADV (Running time 35min, Uploaded 10 May)

Standing Sequence VI

This sequence is good for improving stamina. The sequence gets longer each round as it is repeated with more postures added on to it. By the end you’ll end up with a lengthy sequence on each side. (Running time 35min, Uploaded 24 May)

Standing Sequence VII

This vinyasa sequence travels from one side of the mat to the other with an optional variation of Prasarita Podottanasana within each round. Participants may choose to try this wide legged forward fold each round, or take a vinyasa instead. INT • ADV (Running time 40min, Uploaded 2 July 20)

Standing Sequence VIII

This sequence is all about strengthening the hamstrings. It may also be quite demanding on the arms, depending on which variations you choose. A great practice for building core strength as well. INT • ADV (Running time 26min, Uploaded 2 July 20)

Standing Twists Sequence

This standing sequence incorporates many standing twists as well as a few standing balances. Blocks and a blanket may be useful to some students who need support. BEG • INT • ADV (Running time 35:47, Uploaded 2 May)

Yoga with Weights

If you’re wanting to build strength, try yoga with weights. With the help of some hand weights you can change up your practice in a whole new way! Although challenging, this sequence can be modified for most abilities. INT • ADV (Running time 55min, Uploaded 24 May)

Classical Seated Sequence

This short seated practice is excellent for mornings, evenings, or to follow up a standing practice. It includes many of the standard classical seated postures. Blocks and a belt may be useful to some, as well as a blanket and bolster for relaxation. BEG • INT• ADV (Running Time: 22:36, Uploaded 26 Mar)

Seated Sequence II

This seated sequence focuses primarily on straight legged forward folds. If you have delicate knees, you may wish to keep a rolled up blanket under your knees to avoid hyperextension at the knee joint. A block and belt could also be useful for this practice. BEG • INT • ADV (Running time 26:30, Uploaded 26 Apr)

Seated Sequence III

This seated sequence incorporates several seated twists into a slow and gentle sequence for improving flexibility and mobility around the spine. BEG • INT • ADV (Running time 19:30, Uploaded 2 May)

Seated Sequence IV

This seated sequence is an excellent way to stretch the hamstrings and inner groin. It focusses on Upavistha Konasana and other seated postures. BEG • INT • ADV (Running time 28min, Uploaded 17 May)

Slow Flow Yoga Warm-up I

This sequence is a good warm up for a Slow Flow practice. It includes some gentle vinyasa and sun salutations, as well as a crescent lunge sequence. BEG • INT • ADV (Running time 19:45, Uploaded 28 Mar)

Slow Flow Standing Sequence I

Slow Flow Yoga is an energising practice for moving the body and connecting with the breath. This practice is suitable for most anyone, however blocks may be useful for some. BEG • INT • ADV (Running time: 28min, Uploaded 11 Apr)

Slow Flow Standing Sequence II

In this Slow Flow sequence I incorporate Utkata Konasana and Prasarita Podottanasana for strengthening and stretching the legs. This practice is facing the long side of the mat and props may be useful. BEG • INT • ADV (Running Time 28min, Uploaded 10 May)

Slow Flow Breath-Centred Sequence

This standing sequence focusses on connecting every movement with the breath. Because the sequence moves with more pace, have your props within reach and avoid going too deeply into the postures. BEG • INT • ADV (Running time 26min, Uploaded 17 May)

Kneeling Sequence I

This gentle sequence is practised while kneeling but can be modified by sitting cross-legged or even sitting in a chair. BEG • INT • ADV (Running time 20:03, Uploaded 6 Apr)

Kneeling Sequence II

This Kneeling Sequence may be a bit more challenging than the one before it, but still a very good moderate practice for everyone. BEG • INT • ADV (Running time 25:09, Uploaded 25 Apr)

Relief from Sitting

This gentle sequence will offer some relief to anyone who spends much of their day sitting. Spinal movements, chest and hip openers will benefit participants of all levels. BEG • INT • ADV (Running Time 28:38, Uploaded 11 Apr)

Yoga for Relaxation I

This shortened Yoga for Relaxation sequence guides you through a supine and seated practice for stretching the legs and moving the spine. It might be helpful to have pen and paper on hand to write out the sequence so that you can repeat it later, but more slowly to allow you to spend more time in each posture. Recommended props are: blocks, belt, bolster, blanket and a timer/stop watch. BEG • INT • ADV (Running Time: 34:45, Uploaded 28 Mar)

Backbends Mini-Workshop

Join me for a mini workshop on backbends. It’s important to remember that there are many gentle backbends in this group as well as more challenging ones. I use a lot of props in this workshop, some you may or may not have, but you shouldn’t let that prevent you from trying out what you can with what you have. BEG • INT • ADV (Running time 1h03, Uploaded 19 Apr)

Family Yoga: Possum Magic

Join me as we retell the story of Possum Magic with yoga! We will use our bodies and imagination to create a whole menagerie of Australian animals. Go find all your Aussie animal toys and bring them to the mat with you! (Running time: 48:37 Uploaded 5 Apr)

Surya Namaskara A

I had an opportunity to create a short video in an empty art gallery, so I opted for Surya Namaskara A. I hope you enjoy watching the sequence in motion as you develop your practice. Remember, you can also replace some of these postures with gentler variations as recommended in my article on Transitions. Free Access.

Slo-Mo Surya Namaskara A

In the absence of a teacher, this video offers me direct feedback on my form. Here in slow-motion I can see quite clearly how I can improve my technique in Surya Namaskara A. Warning: It is very slow, so grab a cuppa. Remember, you can also replace some of these postures with gentler variations as recommended in my article on Transitions. Free Access.


In this quick video, I demonstrate a variety of Vasisthasana variations that I offer to students in class. I would typically include more standing poses in this sequence to give students’ wrists and arms a break as well as to lengthen out the sequence for a full class. Free Access.