Jen Brown Yogasana Fitness Belconnen Canberra YogaAt Yogasana Fitness you only get one teacher—me, Jen Brown. And it’s important that you know that I try to develop a relationship with each and every student in order to help them to develop into a capable and sensible yoga practitioner. I know everyone’s name, their careers, lifestyle, sometimes their family as well. You’re not just another face in the crowd. Each and every student is special to me as a unique individual.

Since 1995, I have dedicated thousands of hours to study and practice on my yoga mat and I want to share this knowledge with you. I will study you and guide you along in class to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Below are some testimonials from past and current students. I hope they will inspire you to come along and give yoga a try with me.

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“I have been LOVING your online beginner course!!! I have been doing a session a day and feel AMAZING!!! I am so glad I discovered your classes. Thank you so much. Words are not enough to express how much better I feel, both physically and mentally, from having started on this path. My doctor suggested I try some yoga and she was absolutely right! – Patty

“I’ve been to many yoga classes here and overseas and Jen’s are easily my favourite. The classes are fun, varied, supportive and driven by a deep knowledge and understanding. Yoga keeps me balanced in body and mind and is helping me to rebuild my strength after illness.” – Tess

“I am really enjoying the classes. The classes are challenging both mentally and physically which I find is a good thing and compliments my gym training.  I also found your instructions, explanations and especially your reminders to breath very helpful and encouraging to keep going.” – Toni

“My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed family yoga. What a great way to introduce kids to a practice which has so many benefits, and it’s fun too! I’ve enjoyed every class of yours that I have been too and the benefits are fantastic. I’m correcting my posture, strengthening muscles I’d forgotten I had (or forgotten how to use!), and I’ve found it easy to incorporate some poses into my daily routine at home too. I think a big part of yoga is finding the right person to learn from, so thanks Jen 🙂 Not only do myself and my daughter enjoy your classes, but my mum does too! Thank you” – Colleen

“I have been a regular participant in Jen’s classes for around two years now and am happy to say I’ve incorporated yoga into my daily routine. I feel that I’ve benefited enormously from this regular practice and, in no small measure, this has been the result of Jen’s supportive and empathetic approach to the conduct of her classes. I would recommend Jen’s classes without reservation. She makes the class relevant and interesting, irrespective of participants’ age and ability.” – Dick

“I worked with Jen for two private lessons. My goals were to get a sense of what yoga classes would involve and identify the things I needed to work on to get the most out of yoa in a class setting. Jen was great to work with. The sessions were relaxed and fun, but were well planned as we got through plenty of yoga. For me, these sessions were an ideal introduction to yoga.” – Matt

“I was impressed with the options people can attend in different time slots and in different groups i.e. partners and/or families in the weekends. It’s so flexible and accessible.” – Daisy

“Thank you Jen, the class was amazing. Your instructions were very clear and you were such a calming and reassuring presence, the poses and pace were just right, and the space was beautiful. I look forward to coming back next week.” – Heimura

“We really enjoyed family yoga yesterday. I was a little unsure on how Gracie would go being that she’s never done anything like that before, but we both thoroughly enjoyed it. She can’t wait until the next one! I actually thought the hour went by very quickly. There was enough to keep her entertained for an hour. My only issue now will be that she wants to come along to my normal classes!” – Michelle F

“This class [family yoga] is perfect for kids. My girls aged 4 and 7 were totally engaged for the hour and in such a great mood for the rest of the day!”

“Jen is such a knowledgeable and patient teacher, I can recommend her Kids yoga classes highly enough.”

“The class [kids holiday yoga] was perfectly suited and adapted to school aged children.”

From my end of year surveys:

I have loved the classes, I feel the strongest i’ve ever been since beginning a little over a year ago and have definitely noticed an improvement in my flexibility and strength. For me the real eye opener was when you first talked about how yoga is a personal practice and that poses will differ from person to person based on their ability and how they’re feeling on a particular day. I’ve never had a yoga teacher take that approach before and I have found it a very positive one! I find the practice always leaves me with a sense of joy and fulfillment and has a positive impact on my home life as it give me more energy to keep up with my 2 and 3 year olds.

The best thing about these classes (the Beginner’s) is that they have finally made me feel like I CAN do yoga. You create an inclusive environment that makes everyone feel comfortable. The best thing is that you show alterations and don’t make people feel silly for not being able to touch their toes or not being able to bend in half. This is the first yoga where I have felt completely comfortable. I love it!

I really enjoyed all the classes, and wished I could attend more. I also like your beginning thoughts at the start of classes. I would like to develop a short routine to practice daily away from the formal classes. I do Salute to the Sun every morning but could probably manage another 3-5 minute routine. My boys and I love sharing Family Yoga together too.

Yoga has made a massive difference to my flexibility and I can really tell the difference, physically, when I’ve missed classes. I think the way you provide alternatives for each pose and movement is terrific. Jen, you are friendly and welcoming in your approach (and not a cranky stickler for conventions like I’ve had before)

The class provides a welcome break from work to unwind and help counter sitting at a desk all day

Very knowledgeable and gets to know everyone individually

I think I have gained a bit more strength from practices in your classes. And I feel good after each class, with some sense of achievement.

Your class has stimulated me to do a daily yoga routine, usually early morning. I have undoubtedly benefited from the regular practice, not only physically, but also in assisting me to deal with difficult circumstances at home where my wife and I are carers for our son who has a serious mental illness.

I have had many yoga memberships, most recently Power Yoga and Bikram and did not like the heat. I find your classes very comfortable and enjoyable, the BAC is perfect and I like the smaller class size.

Jen, I think your approach to teaching is lovely – gentle, informative, adaptable. I always come away feeling better/happier/more centred than when I walked in. Mission accomplished.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do family yoga even though C is much younger than the other kids. We all really enjoy going and it’s such a beautiful thing you’ve created. It’s a very safe and nurturing environment.

I like the challenge to do difficult postures. I like the availability of equipment. I appreciate the material you provide and encourage us to practice at home. My feeling is that you try to make in us a habit to practice yoga.

I think Jen is the most helpful and insightful yoga teacher I have had. I appreciate the small class environment with a focus on technique, combined with power yoga. Whilst I would normally prefer a more ‘workout’ style class (the classic power yoga classes), I am finding Jen’s classes a great balance.

I enjoy – how you make the class flow from pose to pose – how you are sensitive to the members of the class and what is suitable – the variations from class to class I feel energised, destressed, stronger and more flexible as a result of your classes.

Yoga class is my ‘me’ time. I value Jen’s instruction and one-on-one pose corrections. I always leave feeling a sense of achievement, relaxed and contented. I look forward to yoga each week and rather a bit miffed if family constraints prohibit attendance but as a mum that happens and we just go with the flow.

Overall I feel that participating in these classes has improved my mental health and physical strength, balance and flexibility.

I’ve had shoulder and knee pain which is much better when I’m regularly attending, feeling stronger and straighter

You are sweet calm and dedicated. You make us feel comfortable about practising yoga. Thanks

I have enjoyed the time to focus on myself and the camaraderie of class.

I have really enjoyed your classes as I always feel welcome, the pace of the class is great and I love that we do something different each week.

I have incorporated yoga into my daily routine, usually early morning for around 40-60 minutes. I feel better for it (a general sense of well-being).

After a year and a half with Jen, I’ve seen a big improvement in my flexibility and I have much better awareness of my posture and breathing – breathing more deeply has been especially useful in my day to day life (great for calming office stresses that creep into my head at bedtime). I really enjoy yoga and imagine I’ll be doing it for the rest of my life. Thanks Jen.