Video Tutorials These videos are purely instructional mini-workshops to give you a deeper understanding of techniques to improve your practice.

Video Sequences These videos are sequences with which you can follow along to practise from home. There is some instruction given, but it is significantly less than in the tutorials.

Online Course

If you are unable to attend class on a weekly basis, the 10-class Beginner Yoga Series is now available on YouTube. This will allow you to practise along with me as I lead 10 classes through the foundations of Asana (yoga poses). You may practise in the comfort of your own home or even while you’re away on holiday. You may purchase classes individually or the entire set of all 10 classes. If you choose to practise online, download the handouts on the Resources page, and contact me directly if you have any questions. You may also wish to schedule a video conference to have a private tutorial with me directly. Follow this link for private instruction or email me directly to gain access to the Vimeo videos.