Private & Corporate Classes

21st Century Yoga — Classes by Video Conferencing

If you would like to have a private class in the comfort of your own space, I offer private classes via video conferencing. These can be done via Facebook, Google Hangouts, or Skype. Set-up is incredibly easy and convenient. No matter where you live, I can create a personalised session designed with your unique outcomes in mind. The rate for a private video conference class is $70/hour, or $500 for 10 classes, billed to you directly via email once your reservation is made. Contact me directly for details.

Private & Corporate Classes & Events

I am available for private classes which can be tailored for individuals and groups. Whether you’re looking for a gentle, meditative session to de-stress and soothe everyone’s nerves, or a fun-filled class to have a laugh and build camaraderie, I can design a class that’s right for you.

  • Team Building
  • Friendly Gatherings*
  • Birthday Parties (children and adults)
  • School or Church Groups
  • Families
  • Partners
  • Seniors
  • Restorative/Gentle Yoga
  • Bootcamp Yoga
  • Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga

*Friendly Gatherings might include a Hen’s Party, Post-wedding Celebration, Family Reunion, and such. These events should be alcohol-free beforehand and during the yoga class.

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Rates are $100 for the first hour (minimum), $30 for each additional half hour, for groups of 10 or fewer participants. For larger groups a fee of an additional $5/hour, $2.50/half hour will apply for each individual after 10 participants.

The client may secure a venue themselves, or pay venue fees to me to arrange on their behalf.

Payment must be made in advance. A 50% cancellation fee will apply to all cancellations made within a week or less of the agreed upon session(s). In addition to the class styles listed above, I am also trained to offer classes on meditation, partner, seniors, kids and family yoga.

Contact me directly for details.

All participants are asked to submit your New Student Registration Form digitally, or you can download the New Student Form as a PDF to print out and hand in.

Yoga mats and props are available for use, if you do not have these items.

You may also be interested in these classes as well: Yoga for Power & Grace Level IBeginnersLunchtime, and Family Yoga.

Risks Associated with Yoga

Many classes are best suited to those without pre-existing conditions which may worsen with moderate to high physical exertion. If you have any pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, glaucoma, joint replacements, spinal injuries, high-risk pregnancy, are heavily pregnant or recovering from childbirth, you should consult a physician for advice before participating. Although yoga can be beneficial to people with these conditions, cautionary measures must be taken and this should be done on an individual basis. Contact me if you would like for me to design a series of private classes for you, or a consultation to discuss the modifications that will need to be made so that you can ultimately join a group class.


Please use the Contact form for any questions you may have.