Family Yoga

A beautiful way to share love and laughter with those closest to us.

Select Sundays 10–11am
@Belconnen Arts Centre
CANCELLED indefinitely due to Covid-19

Join me for a fun-filled Family Yoga class! We will explore the lighter side of yoga and feel its impact on our minds and hearts with those closest to us—our family (friends and extended family are also welcome). This class is quite active and playful as it combines traditional yoga practices such as postures, breathwork and meditation with games and imaginative play. Activities are best suited for children 5 and up, but younger children may also attend.

Parents and carers are asked to participate with their child and should reserve a place for themselves as well.

Online pre-payment is now required for all bookings 24-hours in advance.
Bookings for Family Yoga can now be made via the main Book Now link at the top right of this page in the menu bar.

When booking in via ZenPlanner, register yourself first, then while logged in on the site, you may then register your child(ren). Children will not be required to have an email address or unique phone number as you will be the Head of Household for your family’s account. Follow this link to watch a video tutorial on how to register yourself and a child.

Terms & Conditions: All purchases are non-refundable, however they are transferrable. So if you have made a purchase, but cannot attend class, you may attend a different class or offer your pass to someone else. If the class is cancelled, your payment will be fully refunded.

Risks Associated with Yoga

My general classes are best suited to those without pre-existing conditions which may worsen with moderate to high physical exertion. If you have any pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, glaucoma, joint replacements, spinal injuries, high-risk pregnancy, or are heavily pregnant, you should consult a physician for advice before participating. Although yoga can be beneficial to people with these conditions, cautionary measures must be taken and this should be done on an individual basis. Contact me if you would like for me to design a series of private classes for you, or a consultation to discuss the modifications that will need to be made so that you can ultimately join a group class.


My details are on the Contact form if you have any questions pertaining to the format of the class or your ability to participate.