Yoga for Beginners

Three options to build a strong foundation of knowledge for practising independently.

3-hr Beginner Workshop available on Saturday 1 May 2021
Cost: $90, includes Online Beginners Video Course, plus $20 off 10-Class Pass

Oncer per term I offer a One-Day Workshop for Beginner (typically on a Saturday during week 1 of the ACT school term). This will give you an opportunity to learn a few basics about yoga before attending open classes. You are not required to participate in the workshop to begin attending classes, it is optional and only available to support those of you who would like some extra guidance before beginning regular attendance. Participation in the workshop will give you access for three months to the Online Video Beginner Series comprised of 10 full-length Beginner classes (a Gmail Account is required). Each video is 45-50 minutes in length and covers a different topic. Follow this link for details on the video course. To book into a workshop choose one of the above dates you’d like to attend, then select that date on the calendar via the Book Now button in the top navigation.

Just Show Up!
Cost: $15 for your first class

If you are completely new to yoga, but feel ready to jump right in, I encourage you to try Slow Flow Yoga on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. This class is easy to follow even if you’ve never tried yoga before. If you have tried some yoga in the past, or are relatively fit, then you may like to try Vinyasa Yoga for Power & Grace on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings. This class is more challenging than the others and will help to build strength, stamina and flexibility. You may book into any class via the Book Now button in the top navigation.

Online Video Course
Cost: $45

I have created an online beginners course of 10 full-length classes specifically for beginners. Each class covers a unique topic essential for beginners to learn. This could be helpful if you’d like to practise the basics from home at a time that’s convenient for you. Follow this link for the Yoga for Beginners Course.

Affordable & Flexible

To attend any and all classes, purchase a 10-class pass for $170* or attend your first class casually for $15 (standard price $20).

Take up the Yoga Habit Challenge of 10 classes in 10 weeks and receive $20 off your subsequent pass.

Bookings are required for all classes. Join at any time, classes are on continuous intake.
*valid for three months