Jen Brown Yogasana Fitness Yoga Instruction in Canberra Belconnen GungahlinAdvanced Practice

For those who are ready for something more

Saturday 20 March
@ Flow Yoga Canberra in Fyshwick

This two hour class is designed for those who are seeking a longer and stronger practice with more advanced postures. Compared to Vinyasa Yoga for Power & Grace, this practice consists of a slightly longer warm-up, 8-10 standing sequences (normally we do 4-6), an extended seated sequence, plus time for restorative postures, breathwork and meditation. An advanced poses such as backbends, arm balances and inversions, such as headstand and handstands may also be incorporated into the class. These postures are more challenging and therefore require more instruction and preparation. They also present a greater risk for injury, so participants need to be confident, yet prudent and cautious.

Some of these more challenging postures do not come easily. They require practice and patience, as well as acceptance that perhaps they are not suitable for you. Nevertheless, you may still find benefit in the preparation for them—physically, mentally and emotionally. Just let go of the outcome, and enjoy the journey.

Yogasana Fitness Yoga in Belconnen Canberra with Jen BrownIf you are unsure about your readiness for this class, please attend Vinyasa Yoga for Power & Grace for a few weeks, and then I will be able to assess you directly.