Restorative Yoga

Bringing together breath, body and mind

Sunday 21 January at 9am and Tuesday 23 January at 6:30pm
@Belconnen Arts Centre

Relax, reflect and re-energise yourself with this gentle class aimed at calming the mind and restoring your body to a peaceful state of being. Each class will begin with tuning out distractions by focussing on your breath and the energies in your body. It will then progress to a series of supported seated and supine postures. Each of these poses will be held for 2-3 minutes, supported with the use of chairs, bolsters, blocks and blankets thus allowing the breath to slow down, reducing your heart rate, and allowing your muscles to relax and stretch in an effort to remove tension. The class will end with a 5-10 minute guided meditation along with 5 minutes of Savasana (silent reclined rest). You will leave this class feeling rejuvenated with a new energy and enthusiasm. No previous yoga experience required.

Affordable & Flexible

Try your first class casually for only $15 and continue for $20 per class or purchase a 10-class pass for $150 (valid for 3 months).

Take up the Yoga Habit Challenge of 10 classes in 10 weeks and get your next pass for only $120.

Bookings are required for all classes. Join at any time, classes are on continuous intake.

Terms & Conditions: All purchases are non-refundable, however they are transferrable. So if you have make a purchase, but cannot attend class, you may attend a different class or offer your pass to someone else.

Risks Associated with Yoga

My general classes are best suited to those without pre-existing conditions which may worsen with moderate to high physical exertion. If you have any pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, glaucoma, joint replacements, spinal injuries, high-risk pregnancy, or are heavily pregnant, you should consult a physician for advice before participating. Although yoga can be beneficial to people with these conditions, cautionary measures must be taken and this should be done on an individual basis. Contact me if you would like for me to design a series of private classes for you, or a consultation to discuss the modifications that will need to be made so that you can ultimately join a group class.


My details are on the Contact form if you have any questions pertaining to the format of the class or your ability to participate.