Lunchtime Vinyasa Yoga

Carers with non-mobile babies are welcome to attend

Thursdays 12–1pm
@ Belconnen Arts Centre
Term 1 2018: 25 January – 22 February

This multi-level vinyasa class is a perfect way to energise you for the remainder of the day. This class will take a gentler approach in order to help you to calm your mind and release the daily stress from your body. The class will begin with a gentle 10-minute warm up, followed by 30 minutes of flowing vinyasa sequences, and close with 10-15 minutes of seated or reclined poses and finally Savasana (lying restfully on your back) or seated meditation. Carers may bring non-mobile infants with them to class. Infants are to be kept in prams and capsules, or may carried in harnesses. During seated sequences, infants may be placed on the floor near the carer or held closely. Students on 10-class passes who cannot stay for the full 60 minutes are free to come and go as their work schedule will allow.

Modifications will be given to make the class accessible to beginners, and more challenging options will be suggested for more advanced practitioners. You may also be interested in these classes as well: Beginners, Vinyasa Yoga for Power & GraceFamily, and Private & Corporate Yoga.

For Your First Class

If you are registering for the first time, please follow this link to begin: First Visit.

What to bring:

  • Yoga Mat*
  • Yoga Props (optional)*
  • Single bed-sized blanket or 2 beach towels for padding
  • Water bottle

*Yoga mats and props are available for use, if you do not have these items.

This article on Yoga Class Etiquette will give you some insight on what to do when you arrive to your first class.

I also encourage you to check out the Resources Page for my video tutorials. I’ve created these videos to address many topics that come up frequently in class.

If you are concerned about a pre-existing condition, please read more about Risks Associated with Yoga.

Children over the age of 7 are allowed to attend any class with their carers as long as they participate fully and behave in a mindful and mature manner, bearing in mind that this class is designed for adults, not children (except Family Yoga which is absolutely designed for kids).